First off, thank you for visiting Uniform Swap Shop.

As parents ourselves we know just how costly it can be buying a whole new wardrobe of school clothes for kids, we have just recently in fact spent well over £400 kitting out our eldest to start secondary school, he needed all new everything and plus the extra addition of badged school bags, blazers and ties it all adds up.

With that in mind and after a bit of searching around, we couldn’t really find anywhere that sold decent second hand school uniform so we had a slight brain wave and decided to build

The idea was to create an all in one website where parents could not only sell off their ‘too small’ items of school uniform to make a bit of extra cash but also help parents get their hands on good condition school uniform without having to spend a small fortune in the process.

Raising kids, as amazingly wonderful as it is, is a costly thing when it comes to school stuff so being able to save a bit of cash here and there is a great thing we think, so here you have it.

All you need to do to either buy or sell is to register and create your account, list an item to sell and wait for someone to get in touch and buy it or if you’re buying, have a browse through or search for your particular school and have at it!

Please feel free to contact us on the contact form if you have any questions or queries.

Thanks again

Andy, Danii and the kids